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Giselle Regiane Tardivele de Souza
Americana - SP
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Hello, we're Giselle and Fernando, we've been together since we were 13, that high school flirtation that no one puts faith in.

We were parents when we were teenagers, at 15 we had Gabi, here we matured, we went through a lot of learning, we continued dating and we got married at 26 years old.

At 28 we had Vi, and we lived a happy life, obviously with our struggles, but always together and with lots of love.

In 2019, Fer, an engineer, with 19 years of work in a company, decided to try a new opportunity, as he was unhappy in his current job and was looking for an improvement for us. Then on 12/3/19 he fell from a height of 4 meters during a job in Ribeirão Preto / SP.

It was 52 days of Cti, surgeries, and a diagnosis of vegetative coma, with lots of love, dedication, faith, and will to live, Fer recovered and recovers more and more every day.

Today we are going through a difficult situation, where we have a lot of expenses with treatment and some accumulated bills. Hence this action.

May God bless each of you! Big hug from us!

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Giselle Regiane Tardivele de Souza
Americana - SP
VaquinhaVaquinhaSaúde e Emergências
Campanha lançada em 06/06/2022

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