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Crossy Slope
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Salvador - BA
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Crossy Slope

Crossy Slope

A plataforma mais premiada do Brasil

It is a game with a proposal that mixes nostalgic games, such as Super Mario, PacMan and Qbert. Furthermore, the rest of the project aims to take the player on an experience with various lighting scenarios and enemies.
It will also be possible to exchange coins and apples for new characters.

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Mais de 2 milhões de brasileiros

Pagamento seguro

Parcele em até 12X

The game's financial return will revolve around the use of ads and character sales as it is a mobile game.
In addition, the game already supports use on other platforms.

Whoever collaborates will gain?

250 thousand represents 30% of all the money the game raises from advertisements and in-game sales. Whoever collaborates will earn a value proportional to the collaboration, as long as the amount raised by the game exceeds 100 reais.

Example: By collaborating with 25 thousand you would be entitled to 3% of the amount raised by ads and sales in the game.

If the sale and ads total 500 thousand reais, the collaborator would be entitled to 15 thousand reais of the total value.
However, if the contribution is equivalent to 25 reais or 0.003%, the collaborator would be entitled to 15 reais, but would only receive the money when the sum exceeds 100 reais.

The game is not ready yet, the money raised will be used to continue development
New characters, interactive maps and phases will be created that encourage the player to continue experiencing the game. The money will also be used to pay the developer and artist.

It will also be used for campaigns and promotion of the game.

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Games with new proposals

Salvador - BA



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