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Dungeons and Raids
Dungeons and Raids
Dungeons and Raids
Niterói - RJ
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Dungeons and Raids

Dungeons and Raids

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Dungeons and Raids you will be a summoner whom summons champions to fight for you in the dungeons.
fighting dungeon enemies will reward you loot wich can be traded at the Market. or used in Crafting.
You will be able to merge your champions and combine theyr skills...when attempting to build a unique team
that could progress even further in the dungeons.


  • Several unique champions to collect.
  • Merge the champions and combine theyr skills.
  • Experience different combos and team compositions.
  • Unique Items to be crafted and bought at the Market..
  • Move to more difficult levels...
  • No Microtransactions
  • (Game still being worked so more will come)

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Dungeons and Raids

Niterói - RJ




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