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Go & Study in NY
Go & Study in NY
Wilson Koto
São Paulo - SP
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Go & Study in NY

Go & Study in NY

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My name is Wilson. I am a consultant and teacher.
I lived in Japan for 12 years, graduated in agronomy from the University of Shimane and in law in Brazil. During the 28 years of contact and relationship with Japanese culture and customs, I learned that patience and waiting for the right time are valuable attributes. In a globalized world where time is precious, patience often prevails.
My childhood dream of studying in the US was the driving force behind creating the online crowdfunding.
I have an advanced level in English, but I would like to improve to have access to original readings. This is because, during the translation/version process, many of the expressions are adapted and lose some of their meaning. Furthermore, many works are not even translated into Portuguese or, when they are, they take a long time to arrive in Brazil.

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Wilson Koto

São Paulo - SP



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