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The Fighterz - ファイターズ
The Fighterz - ファイターズ
The Fighterz Project
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The Fighterz - ファイターズ

The Fighterz - ファイターズ

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The Fighterz is a manga that also has a book. With a lot of action and mystery, my goal is to turn this history into reality and even bring an anime of it, I open this project with a lot of faith and conviction in my goal.

Synopsis: An 18-year-old boy ends up involved in a fight against the mafia, but the mafia is no ordinary mafia... In a place with abnormal people and amazing abilities, this young man ends up getting involved where he shouldn't, from a simple mafia, in which his goals were only money and profit, to world domination. It's up to him and his allies to change the fate of the earth.

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Fighters We Have a Great Mission,

We have a job for you. Help us spread the word by supporting our protagonists in their battle against Black Tiger and his ideal followers

Each week, one of our Fighter heroes will face their respective targets. Both heroes will have five actions, each linked to a community-based objective that will need to be completed to damage the enemy (or defend, if necessary). Defeating a Villain will clear that community outreach objective, and net sponsors of this title some cool upgrades to their pledge rewards.

But that's not all! If one side can neutralize their target before the other, then any excess damage they do to their target (i.e. cleared community objectives) will carry over and help the other side.

Here is a quick example:

Team The Fighterz is supporting Luan in his fight against Sparax Elvorix, but they have only managed to achieve one of their five objectives. Not to worry, because The Fighterz Club has eliminated four of their five disciples, helping Ryo Kentaro destroy that terrible villain!

But as it turns out, both enemies only need two hits to be defeated, so the two remaining shares that The Fighterz Club earned will be transferred to The Fighterz Community side, helping them defeat the evil Kaue Patricius after all.

The Combo-Meter also appears here, gradually filling in as more teams achieve their goals, later adding major upgrades to the merchandise for both games!

Oh! We should talk about actions and their types before we go.

Normal attacks count as one point each, Special Moves count as two, and Block/Guard actions reduce the amount of "damage" done to teams by their monsters (what, you thought they would take it lying down?). They will counter if they are caught in a tough spot, and these will come in the form of extra challenges that need to be completed within 24 hours or the teams will lose some of the points they fought so hard to earn.

Another quick example:

Greedy Casper Cooper goes on the offensive with a counterattack... and on Saturday no less! (They must know that sponsors won't be looking at the campaign page that day - clever Casper Cooper!)

A counter-attack could be something like:

・20 comments on a new Facebook post that will be published that day

・45 people on the discord channel writing a specific message within 24 hours

・5 pieces of Sparax Elvorix fanart (He has tremendous Power!)

However, if teams have already completed their Block/Guard action, these numbers will be reduced to compensate, so be sure to strategize.

Working together to help our protagonists will be essential to a successful campaign.

Now bring on those rewards!

Hello, my name is Luan Bani I am doing the project The Fighterz For now I am the only one who is producing but I am looking for people to raise a little profit to make my project in real life, get out of the paper to the TVs. It is with much dedication and love that I have been working on the manga and the book The Fighterz, I ask everyone who can contribute to the project to help me make something incredible.

Thank you very much!

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The Fighterz Project

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