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Hello to everyone reading, my name is Samuel, I'm 23 years old, I come from a humble family in a very humble house in Brazil, a family that, like most families, goes through difficulties.
The purpose of this campaign is to raise money to buy a house.
Everything here in Brazil is extremely expensive and inflated and as most families earn a salary that is just enough to buy food and pay for electricity, water and other debts, with the salary of 1,360.00 reais that they earned and all the debts that I can't buy a house that in Brazil is extremely expensive.
But the main reason for this campaign is the particular difficulties we have had since my mother came to this house when I was still a baby, a house in the family's backyard, since when I was little my mother has always been going through problems with my father's relatives, My mother and I, as much as we have love in our hearts, we live among people who don't like us or our presence and even though we live quietly inside our house and without bothering anyone and without messing with anyone, they do things to take away our peace, some of the things are: they throw rubbish at our gate, they destroy plants that my mother loves so much, they make a lot of noise every day, if my mother turns on the radio they connect via the radio's bluetooth, they play songs and turn them up to maximum volume and If my mother tries to put it on her radio again they do it again, they do many things to take away the peace. And that's not all, but other things happened, for example, when I was little, they threw a piece of paper through the window of the house with fire, which if my mother hadn't seen, the house would probably have caught fire and they also made us go more than a week without water And as if that wasn't enough, I got rocks inside the house's water tank, a problem that I could only solve by asking for a new water connection and separating myself even more, a connection that I will pay for at least 2 years.
I told a little about the different things that happen to me in this place, because of all these things that my mother and I talked about, my mother had depression problems that I paid for treatments and medicine, many times without even having the means, but I did my best to take care of what I most have my precious one who is my mother, my family, a few days ago my mother had an outburst and started hitting herself and her face was all swollen, something that left me very shaken, so I need to get her out of here, I need help and care for those I love so much.
Furthermore, in this new house I want to take my grandmother with me who lives in a house with not good situations. I want to take her with me and take care of her and my mother and give them a calmer and minimally comfortable life.
This is basically my story and my request for help, To anyone who sees and reads this, thank you in advance to anyone who can help me and I thank those who also couldn't and still joined this campaign and saw my account of the life I live.
I posted a photo of me with my mother and one with my grandmother so you can see the two most important things I have in my life.
To those who can help me and those who can't, may God bless everyone's lives
With the amount raised, a new home will be purchased for my mother and I will also take my grandmother with me

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