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Help my home state Rio Grande do Sul! Ajude o RS!!!!
Help my home state Rio Grande do Sul! Ajude o RS!!!!
Campinas - SP
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Help my home state Rio Grande do Sul! Ajude o RS!!!!

Help my home state Rio Grande do Sul! Ajude o RS!!!!

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My Dear Friends.


I apologize in advance for the long email and personal content.


My home state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS), in Brazil, is going through some rough times. Severe rains over the entire state in the past week has caused the largest flood and what is being called the biggest and worst tragedy in the state’s history. This is happening 6 months after another flood thta caused extensive damage in the central region of the state and caused the death of 50+ people, left thousand homeless and closed several business.


I understand Benevity is the chosen and preferred platform for WWT’s social causes and programs. Unfortunately, I searched through it this morning and found no entities or programs supporting this emergency. Ibelieve this is due to the fact that local NGOs are not that mature in this platform yet and also the urgency of the matter. That is why I am reaching out on a personal level. As a Brazilian citizen born at RS, where all my family still leaves, I am stepping forward and trying to collect as much funds as possible to support the local community with food, medicine, clothing, personal care items and help in the rebuilt of the region. Even though, at this point, I do not have any family or friends directly impacted, I still feel compeled to somehow help. This will be my May of Caring!!!


Donations can be made by credit card at the following link: . To make a donation Please see instructions below:


The platform accepts payments made outside Brazil, just use your credit card, which must be enabled for international purchases. When you select the credit card option, simply select the country of origin and proceed to finalize the payment.No CPF will be requested when selecting the country of origin. In the video, links below, we explain step by step how to make the contribution if you are a resident of another country. Please add English subtitles when watching it (original in Portuguese).




I am taking personal responsibility and will be responsible to make sure all funds received are donated to the SOS Rio Grande do Sul campaing ( SOS Rio Grande do Sul ( )  managed by the state government. This is an specific fund created by the state and ALL funds are goinf direct to the relief and rebuilt efforts.


Please see below a few of the current stats of the tragedy, pictures and link to US News sites.


  • 31 people deceased
  • 60 people missing
  • 15.000+ out of their homes
  • 170+ road blocks
    • 40 roads completely blocked
    • 130+ partial blocks
    • 13+ bridges colapsed
  • Some locations received up to 500 mm of rain in one day. Montlhy avg is approx 100-150 mm.
  • Guaiba river in Porto Alegre (state capital) has raised over 3M. Estimates indicate the river level could raise up to 5-6 meters. The largest flood faced by the city was in 1941 when the river raised 4,2 M.


Feel free to spread this email around!!!


Torrential Rain in Brazil Kills at Least 29, With More Missing - The New York Times (


Brazil floods: At least 29 people killed as heavy rain and flooding lashes Brazil | CNN

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We are happy to communicate that we already received USD 2K+ in contributions. We are extremely grateful but it is still little due to the size of the state's challenge. Please see below a quick update with current stats:

Please see below a few of the current stats of the tragedy, pictures and link to US News sites.

  • 83 people deceased
  • 111 people missing
  • Hundreds of thousands out of their homes
  • Almost 500K people with no power
  • Drinking water is becoming rare. Many water supply stations are shut down due to the floods.
  • 180+ road blocks
  • Airport is shut down until 5/30
  • 345 of 497 cities in the state have been flooded.
  • Porto Alegre, state's capital, is isolated. Only one small in/out exit is opened.
  • Some locations received up to 1000 mm of rain in one day. This is 2/3 of what is expected for the full year! Montlhy avg is approx 100-150 mm.

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