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School Fund for Kids
School Fund for Kids
School Fund for Kids
Porto Alegre - RS
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School Fund for Kids

School Fund for Kids

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This project is important as a lot of children weren't able to study during the pandemic because of not having access totecnology. And with the return of  in-person classes, we need all the material for proprer study to our future generation.

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Our campaign aims to raise money to buy and donate school supplies to children in need.

We are going to use the money especially to buy new and good school materials for those who don't have any. To be honest, this money will be divided in 5 (each of us) and then we're going to buy the materials and donate for the kids in selected institutions.

We are a group of teenagers from an English School in Porto Alegre. We are doing a social project and our idea is to donate school materials for children who need our help and support.

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School Fund for Kids

Porto Alegre - RS

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