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Yari's production of gaming videos
Yari's production of
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
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Yari's production of gaming videos

Yari's production of gaming videos

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For a while now, I have been wanting to produce gaming videos. Not just general gameplay videos as we know them - I want to really work more into the production of videos. Talking about gaming news, making video reviews, discussions about gaming and other gaming-related subjects - overall, videos with more presentation. Think of videos done by people like the Angry Nerd, JonTron, ProJared, etc - to mention a few examples.

However, those of you who know me may know that I'm going through a bit of a hard time currently. The first problem is that I don't have a PC capable of properly running most games and rendering videos - both my PC and my notebook are heavily outdated. The second problem is that I don't have funds to invest on a new PC right now. Of course, it's a situation I hope to change soon - but right now, not having a job and no personal funds doesn't allow me to get a new PC myself.

With my birthday coming up (March 19th), I decided to open this campaign in case someone wants to either give me something for my birthday or help me with my will to produce gaming videos - or both. It's not something I would normally do, but given what was explained above, I decided to give it a try.

Some people could ask me "But why should I help you?". I know that some people might think that my campaign isn't worth helping with or that there are more important things to invest money on - and I get it. If you don't want to help, I won't hold it against you at all. You should help me if you want to and if you can.

Anyway, onward with the details!

What will be done with the money:

- Purchasing a new gaming PC. This is basic because I need a PC that can properly run games and produce videos. My current setup is unable to do these.
- Purchasing software licenses (for instance, a XSplit license - it's the software I'll be using to record the videos and a license is needed to record better quality videos)
- Purchasing a good quality webcam

The plans:

- At first, I'm going to be trying to do one video per day based on my Steam and Desura collections. Since I have acquired a large number of games for these platforms (from having previously purchased gaming bundles in the past), I have a lot of games to work with and will try to play one game per day, making gameplay videos. This won't be the focus, however, which leads to the following item.
- As I get more used to editing and rendering videos, I'll be starting to make videos with more presentation. Videos with gaming news, debates, video reviews and such - and trying to make them as dynamic as possible, instead of just having me sit in front of a camera talking and showing gameplay footage.
- In the future, when I'm able to and when I can acquire better equipment for producing videos (a good quality camera, lighting equipment, etc), I'll be further improving on these videos, working with a green background in order to include different backgrounds to my videos.

What I will be doing meanwhile:

- Continuing to practice with video editing (so I know what to do when I have the proper rig to do so)
- Continuing to work on the revival of my website (Unlock Gamers), writing news and articles for it

What will happen if I happen to collect more than I originally planned:

- Purchasing a good quality video capture card so I can also make videos from PS3 games
- Any more money collected beyond my goal will be used for purchasing more equipment for the production of videos, like a good camera

All donations, regardless of value, are welcome! And I'd like to thank everyone in advance, regardless of whether they helped or not!

Donors outside Brazil: In order to donate, click the "Quero contribuir" button, then on the next page, type the ammount you want to donate (R$ 1 = around U$ 0,35. The minimum is R$ 10,00), then click on "Quero contribuir" again. On the last page, click the "Outside of Brazil? Click here!" option, mark the "Eu li e estou de acordo com os Termos de Compromisso do Contribuidor" checkbox (this is the checkbox about accepting the Terms of Service) and then click the "Contribuir com PayPal" button - you'll then be redirected to the PayPal page. If in doubt, you can use Google Translator to translate the pages, but make sure you're not using the translated page when checking out, otherwise it'll probably give you an error message.

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Thank you!

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Yari's production of

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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Thank you!

Agora é só esperar pra ver muitas metas batidas.

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